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Please tell your representative and senators to resist Congressional meddling with crucial negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program.

Please sign the Clean Air Promise for Health Professionals


This is the version for health professionals. Sign the version for the general public here.

“As a health professional, I promise to protect America's children and families from dangerous air pollution. 

“Air toxics and pollutants such as mercury, smog, carbon, and soot cause – every year –thousands of asthma attacks, emergency room visits, hospital admissions, cases of lung disease, damage to infants’ and children’s developing brains, cancer and deaths.

“This is too high a price for the American people to pay.  Clean-up of air pollution, especially from the biggest polluters, is feasible and affordable.

As a health professional, I will support clean air policies and other protections that scientists have recommended to the EPA to safeguard our air quality.”














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