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August 22, 2008 Online Bulletin

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PSR Urges Call to Action on Global Warming

The next President of the United States will inherit many problems but none more challenging than climate change. Global warming is a real threat to America and the entire planet. Serious health impacts already are evident.

PSR works to protect human life from the gravest threats to health and survival. We see global warming as one of the most urgent issues that the next administration will have to tackle.

During the last year PSR has begun to mobilize the medical and public health communities to educate the American people. Drought, severe weather events, heat waves, worsening air pollution, infectious disease and water borne pathogens are some of the immediate threats to public health. The next president needs to do much more than acknowledge global warming; he must lead in an effort to prevent these threats from becoming catastrophic. Read more...

PSR Presidents Bring Expertise to Events Across the Country

Past, current and future PSR Presidents have had a busy month. Dr. Catherine Thomasson, Dr. Erica Frank and Dr. Evan Kanter all made presentations on PSR issues, educating and mobilizing activists to take on our issues.

In Wisconsin, immediate past President Catherine Thomasson, MD held a speakers training in Madison, Wisconsin on the health effects of global warming and advocacy for solutions. Wisconsin PSR now has trained activist speakers in five cities and has taken action against new coal-burning power plants across the state. Dr. Thomasson’s future activities include speaking at the American Renewable Energy Day ( conference and public health fair. Read more...

PSR Receives generous gift in memory of a World War Two Veteran

Physicians for Social Responsibility has lost a longstanding and much appreciated member, Dr. David Kliewer of Corvallis, Oregon. After supporting PSR since 1981, Dr. Kliewer posthumously made a unique and meaningful contribution to PSR. Dr. Kliewer was a WW II veteran and was considered a hero among Marine Aviators for his actions in defense of Wake Island 8 on December 23, 1941 and as a member of VMF-211. After he passed away, his family donated some rare historical prints to Marine Attack Squadron 211, and asked that they donate the fair market value of the prints to PSR in his honor. PSR is honored to accept this contribution in honor of Dr. Kliewer.


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