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August 23, 2007 Online Bulletin

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Program Update

Turn Up the Heat During August Recess:
Remind Your Representatives You Want Strong Action on Global Warming

This fall, Congress is expected to consider climate legislation that would set a cap on U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. With less than two weeks left in the August recess, now is the perfect time to remind your Senators and Representative that the need for meaningful action on global warming is urgent. More than eight separate climate bills have been introduced since the 110th Congress began in January, with more expected when legislators reconvene in September. Among the many proposals, the Safe Climate Act (HR 1590) and the Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act (S 309) require the deepest cuts in global warming pollution. Click here to learn more about the two bills. Call or visit your Senators and Representative in their local offices and tell them to support the strongest climate bills being offered.

To find your representatives’ district offices, click here.

House Energy Bill Takes a Step Forward on Global Warming, Energy Security
Earlier this month, the House of Representatives passed a wide-ranging energy bill that marks a significant step forward toward reducing global warming and improving U.S. energy security. Most significantly, the House approved an amendment establishing a renewable electricity standard (RES) that requires electric utilities nationwide to obtain at least 15 percent of their power from a combination of energy efficiency and renewable sources like wind, solar and geothermal energy by 2020. PSR thanks you for all the emails and calls to your representatives they played a critical role in the bill’s passage. Click here to read more about the energy bill passed in the House.

Stop Global Warming

Physicians for Social Responsibility Conference in Iowa City

Health Consequences of
Global Warming: Examining
the Links, Breaking the Chains

Friday afternoon September 14 through Sunday noon September 16, 2007

Iowa PSR, in collaboration with PSR national is hosting a major Global Warming Conference: Health Consequences of Global Warming: Examining the Links, Breaking the Chains, Friday September 14-Sunday September 16th.

Renowned national and international speakers will shed light on the links between a deteriorating environment, climate change, and threats to our health. Particular attention will be paid to the destructive and unsustainable consumption of fossil fuels and sustainable solutions that can lead to a safer, healthier world for future generations.

Academics, professionals and students in health sciences, law, environmental science and engineering, as well as environmental activists, from around the country and region are expected to participate in this unique and exciting event.

Co-sponsors of this important conference include the University of Iowa's Center for Human Rights, College of Public Health, and Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research

Featured speakers (among many others)

  • Peter Barnes, Senior Fellow at the Tomales Bay Instititute
  • Prof. Michael Klare, Director Five College Program in Peace & World Security Studies, Hampshire College
  • Dr. Michael McGeehin, Director, U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention's Division of Environmental Hazards & Health Effects
  • Dr. Michael McCally, Executive Director Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • Bruce Nilles, Sierra Club, Midwest Clean Energy Campaign
  • Dr. Douglas Taylor, Secretary, Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel, United Nations Environmental Programme
  • Dr. Catherine Thomasson, President, Physicians for Social Responsiblity

For more information and to register for the conference contact Iowa PSR:


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