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July 26, 2007 Online Bulletin

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Program Update

Tell EPA to Set a Stronger Ozone Pollution Standard
Last month PSR activists called on EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson to set a strong ozone standard to better protect public health. EPA has proposed a slightly more stringent standard, marking a step in the right direction. But the American public deserves even better. We must continue to push for an even stronger standard in order to protect the health of children and other vulnerable groups. Click here to read on…

Highlighting the Risk of New Plutonium “Pits”
Upon learning that Los Alamos National Laboratory had invited Members of Congress to a “celebration” of the first plutonium pit certified for use in the stockpile since the closure of Rocky Flats, PSR joined with Nuclear Watch New Mexico, the New Mexico Conference of Churches, and former Vice President of Sandia National Laboratories Robert Peurifoy to hold a press conference to argue that the National Laboratories should focus on the challenges facing America today like nonproliferation and global warming. Stories on the PSR-sponsored event appeared in at least 19 media outlets, including on local television in New Mexico. PSR also ran an advertisement in The Santa Fe New Mexican with Nuclear Watch New Mexico making the same argument and PSR Executive Director Dr. Mike McCally briefed The Santa Fe New Mexican’s editorial board, leading to an editorial supporting the need for lab diversification.

PSR joins the Campaign for a Nuclear Weapon Free World
Dozens of national organizations have endorsed a new Campaign for a Nuclear Weapon Free World. PSR has officially joined this campaign and is represented on the Campaign Coordinating Committee.

PSR in Print
After four Republican presidential candidates affirmed their willingness to use nuclear weapons against Iran, Dr. McCally drew attention to this report with a letter to the editor in USA Today. PSR staff also had letters to the editor published this month in The Washington Post on nuclear material security and the need to extend the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty as well as in The Washington Times on the need for a renewed national debate on the U.S. nuclear arsenal.


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