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January 25, 2006 Online Bulletin

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PSR Responds to the President’s State of the Union Address

President Bush delivered his annual State of the Union address to the nation Tuesday night. As he did during his 2006 address, when he famously pronounced that “America is addicted to oil,” President Bush continued to warn about the dangers of U.S. dependence on foreign oil. He also acknowledged the “serious challenge of global climate change,” marking the first time he had done so during a State of the Union Address since taking office in 2001. Unfortunately, however, Bush’s rhetoric simply does not match reality when it comes to creating substantive policies to address the dual threats of global warming and energy insecurity.

When it comes to Bush’s discussion of U.S. efforts to stem the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the rhetoric again fails to match reality. While the President warned of efforts by the regime in Tehran to acquire nuclear weapons, the U.S. is continuing to move further away from the non-proliferation treaty, helping to promote a new arms race. Click here to read the full response.

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Congress Gets Serious About Energy Insecurity and Global Warming

While President Bush continued to make empty promises in his State of the Union address Wednesday night, the 110th Congress has shown that it is serious about reducing U.S. dependence on oil. In its first 100 legislative hours, the House of Representatives has succeeded in taking the initial step to address U.S. energy insecurity and to start the nation on the path to a clean energy future. On January 18th, Democrats and Republicans succeeded in passing the CLEAN Energy Act (H.R. 6) by a vote of 264 to 163. The bill rescinds $14 billion dollars in tax breaks and subsidies to oil and gas companies and shifts the money into a fund reserved for the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

The new Congress also has shown that it is serious about tackling global warming with several bills introduced in recent weeks. The Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act (S. 309), introduced by Senators Sanders and Boxer, and the Safe Climate Act, introduced again by Representative Henry Waxman in the House, are the most-far reaching in their emission reduction requirements and will provide the marker against which all other proposals are measured. Click here to read on.

2007 National Student PSR Conference

Student PSR will be holding their 2007 National Conference entitled "Medical Consequences of War" at Stanford University February 23-25. Our keynote address will be delivered by Les Roberts, PhD, MPH, author of the 2006 Lancet study which estimated the Iraqi death toll at 655,000. We will also be featuring Cesar Aleman of IPPNW-Nicaragua, who will discuss small arms violence in his country, as well as international delegates from the Nuclear Weapons Inheritance Project. To find out more information or register for the keynote address, please visit us online at


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