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October 26, 2006                                                                                                        ONLINE BULLETIN

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A message from Kent Bransford, M.D., President, Board of Directors

Kent Bransford

Given a constantly changing world, with evolving domestic and international crises that threaten public health, how does PSR accomplish its mission? Read more...

Security Program Update

The current administration promised that preventing proliferation would be a key plank of national security policies. Unfortunately, since 9/11, this has not been the case. Two proliferators, India and Pakistan, are rewarded for working with the ‘war on terror’ even as they develop a nuclear arsenal. Iran has been pursuing a clandestine nuclear weapons program, and North Korea has moved from its own secret weapons development to an overt nuclear policy. And the administration has talked tough, but failed to act to prevent this from happening.

We urgently need a bi-partisan policy of engagement to prevent proliferation. PSR has prepared a series of actions and resources on North Korea and Iran, so send a message to the President that it’s time to talk to prevent proliferation.

Environmental Health Program Update

Both the devastation wrought upon the Gulf Coast during last year’s record setting hurricane season and the more than 150 lives claimed by this past summer’s staggering heat waves offer a tragic warning of the consequences of a warming world. More violent storms, increased heat illness, spreading pest and water borne disease, and declining air quality are among the many health risks posed by global warming. Read more...

Focus on a Chapter: Greater Boston
Physicians for Social Responsibility

GBPSR was the first chapter formed after the founding of PSR in 1961. During the past decade we have taken a leadership role in PSR's environmental health program, with a focus on the vulnerable populations of pregnant women and young children. Continuing through the life cycle, GBPSR has begun research on a new long-term project on environmental threats to healthy aging, patterned after the successful and accessible approach introduced in our earlier works.



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PSR will be at the APHA Annual Public Health Meeting in Boston November 4-8...

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